Our Price

- Golf Lesson (45 Minutes) : $60

- Club Hire Iron           : $3

- Club Hire Wood           : $5
We want your time at our range to be effective and drive an improvement in your on course performance. Unfortunately we see too many customers head straight to the tee, no warm up, and go straight into smashing their driver as far as they can. This approach to practice won’t deliver the potential upside to your game that you can get with an effective practice routine.

Ideally when you start your practice session, after loosening up and stretching for a short period, you should commence with a lofted club, working on a half to three quarter swing for a short while before moving to a full swing. Always aim at one of our target greens. Once you are striking the ball cleanly and accurately move to a less lofted club and work your way through your clubs up to your driver.

Remember that in a round you will only use driver around 13 to 14 times, you will use your mid to lower loft clubs many more times than this, so make sure you allocate your balls in a similar proportion.
Our pro’s are always on the range so don’t hesitate to ask for some suggestions around an appropriate practice routine.

At Penrith driving range, we offer 2 bucket sizes to choose from (memebers received a discouted price) and we are very happy for you to share a bucket with a friend or family member. Our auto tee technology makes it much easier to work your way through a large bucket of balls than at other ranges as you avoid the need to constantly bend over and tee up the next ball.

1 Year Member : $800 (Save more than $4,000)

6 Months Member : $500 (Save more than $2,000)